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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Nina Hintringer Photography!

We are super excited that you are visiting our site!

We, Nina & Phil, are a married photographer couple specialized in product- and advertising as well as wedding photography. While creating technically perfect images for the advertising industry is a fascinating and interesting challenge, our hearts beat also for weddings due to the countless moments full of emotions and joy.

We love sharing the moments and freezing them in time!

Inspired by photographers from all over the world we specialized in wedding reportages and during the last years developed our own style. We love shooting with natural light but we are capable of handling even the darkest situations thanks to our professional lighting equipment. We document a wedding from the Getting Ready of the bride and groom until the party gets to its peak. Two photographers allow two different perspectives, two different distances and make it possible to capture otherwise unseen moments.

We cover your wedding day wherever you go!

We are flexible and internationally experienced. For us it doesn't matter if you are going to marry in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, the United States or anywhere else. We are used to gather the photographic possibilities of a location within minutes. As professional photographers we have a wide range of equipment to allow the best results in any given situation.

More information about destination weddings can be found in our destination wedding section.

About Nina

 (in Phil's words)

Nina graduated at the Unversity of applied Sciences Hagenberg at the Mastersprogram Media Technology and Design. After working as a software developer for a FineArt printing company for some years in Vienna she decided to study again and finally did the examination for the master craftsman's certificate for photographers. She founded her company Nina Hintringer Photography in 2007 in Vienna, Austria and finally moved with her husband Phil to Tyrol in 2008.

As a true technologist Nina always wants to know the technical background and details behind stuff. Due to that she can get the best possible quality out of everything she does. Nina is organized, precise and devotional and that's the way she works. Good is not good enough, almost sharp is like crap, things need to be perfect. Beeing paranoid about data-security not a single image has been lost so far. She is not only a gifted professional photographer but also a helping hand in any situation the bride or the groom might need one. As a photographer she loves showing the situation in special ways - regular poses are boring and why not push yourself further from wedding to wedding? Getting the maximum possible output for the couple is her main goal.

Nina's favorite lenses are the 50mm f1.2 and the 85mm f1.2, two extraordinary portrait lenses that allow an extreme shallow depth of field and perfect sharpness. She mostly photographs using the Canon 1D Mark IV a gorgeous camera with perfect focus but also loves the new Canon 5D's full frame chip which creates gorgeous colors and lighting and perfectly fits her favorite lenses.

Most of the time Nina is the one who gets in contact with the couples first. She handles inquiries, bookings and organises the whole wedding day together with the couple.

About Phil

 (in Nina's words)

Phil also graduated at the Unversity of applied Sciences Hagenberg at the Mastersprogram Media Technology and Design. Yes, that's where we two first met. During his studies he founded his first company in the field of interactive large format displays. As a software developer and media designer he worked with international brands like BMW, T-Mobile, McDonald's, Nokia and so on. When the decision was made to move to Nina's home country Tyrol, he sold some of his shares and founded his new company in Tyrol. In 2013 Nina & Phil merged their companies into one big firm - the IMG-Media GmbH.

As film and photography were always Phil's favorite majors he actively joined Nina's photography business back in 2008. As a loving husband he always stood behind her and helped solving technical problems. The switch to Canon cameras, the switch from PC to Mac, creating a data-backup system, developing our customer-backend with booking-form, questionnaire, online-gallery, print-shop, whatever was needed. He designs and implements our websites and makes sure all Macs and servers do their job just fine. Inspired by Nina's former job he bought our Epson FineArt printers, created the online platform for our wedding stationery and made the whole process work and profitable, currently exporting about 60% of our orders to Germany and Switzerland.

As a photographer he loves getting close, his favorite lens is the 70-200mm f2.8 tele-lens, which allows him to get closeup shots even from further distances. His strengths are to keep calm even in busy situations, to always find a solution and to never give up. He loves his Canon 5D, now in the third generation. As a second photographer he loves to be the one who's able to get the alternative perspectives. At wedding shoots he is all about natural light photography and always couching for the right moment to come but he also loves to set-up spectacular flash shots as well.

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