Lake Cauma Wedding with Jenny & Alex | Laax, Flims | Switzerland

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What a wedding weekend in Switzerland! I'm still overwhelmed and I don't know where to start. Tears, hugs, laughs, rain and sun... this weekend had it all and our hearts and hard drives are full of love. Australia (yes, where the kangaroos are from) and Germany met in Switzerland to celebrate love.

Let's start from scratch. Do you remember the Arlberg Surprise Proposal and Winter Engagement Shoot we were involved? Exactly, that was the day we met Jenny and Alex for the first time in person. Alex is from Adelaide, Australia and Jenny from Germany. They met in Australia, lived there together and moved to Switzerland not too long ago. During their winter holidays in St. Anton at the Arlberg Alex popped THE question and we were the lucky ones to capture this beautiful and inimitable moment. A few months later they contacted us and asked if we would be available for their wedding date. YES was our answer and last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to meet them both again, as well as their families and friends. They were all so kind, fun, thoughtful and genuine.

Everyone stayed at the rocksresort and Signina Hotel in Laax. What an amazing hotel and area. We were totally surprised how much was going on there in summer, especially for kids, they are really family-friendly and we definitely have to come back with our little girl for some adventures.

Jenny and Alex love to snowboard and they visit Laax and the rocksresort in winter every now and then. They love this place and so they chose this area for their wedding celebrations. A beautiful outdoor ceremony in Flims at Lake Cauma was planned and thankfully - against all weather forecasts - it could take place outside and we did not have to go with plan B. The ceremony, held by two of their closest friends, was so touching - not just bride and groom needed a handkerchief, also lots of their guests. After the ceremony the bridal couple rowed a boat across the teal lake and met their guests at the aperó location. At this point we would like to say THANKS again to the amazing team at Lake Cauma for their steady support and for making the outdoor ceremony and celebration happen. We've already experienced lots of events where the venue opted for plan B, even when the weather was quite ok. We know that it's a lot of effort and sometimes risky, but you make your couples really happy and that's worth the extra mile.

We already mentioned the crazy weather. The days before the wedding it was really hot and for the wedding day itself 16 degrees Celsius and rain from 10am on was forecast. We were so lucky that the rain waited until 2.30pm and so the ceremony could take place outside at the lake, we could create some portraits with bride and groom, the guests could enjoy some drinks and food at the Caumasee Lounge and also group shots could be done with just a few raindrops.

For dinner we all went up to Stalla on the Alp Nagens, 1.980 meters above sea level. In winter the bridal couple visits this place for fondue and apres ski - an extraordinary venue with an amazing team. The view up there must be impressive, unfortunately we could not see much at all due to heavy clouds and fog, but we will not complain about the weather as it played along much better than expected, we just know first-hand how it feels when you organize something great for your guests and the weather crosses your plans.

Stalla is a really cozy restaurant and they serve extremely delicious food. Why we know that? We also had the chance to enjoy dinner and it was a burst of flavor. I hardly can believe how this team could prepare food for all wedding guests at the same time in this teeny-tiny kitchen - respect! If you should visit this place someday, please check out their kitchen and bar, it proves that good team work and being organized makes a huge difference. But I think it's enough now, there are no more words needed - please enjoy our Swiss journey from Rocksresort to Caumasee and Stalla and soak up all the emotions!

Jenny and Alex, thank you so much for having us as your wedding photographers in Switzerland. We are so impressed by your kindness, calmness and hospitality. Words fail me. Wishing you all the best for your future and hopefully our paths cross someday again!


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