Wedding Inspirations | 6 Good Reasons for a Wedding Planner

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We all know him from TV or from Hollywood movies: The wedding planner. But what do wedding planners actually do and do we need them in real life? We talked to Dreamevents and are happy to share their thoughts today.

The truth is: There is a number of reasons to engage a wedding planner for planning one of the most beautiful days in one`s life. Because one cannot really imagine the extent of wedding preparations at first. Starting with setting a realistic budget and keeping an eye on it, he also searches for an adequate location and suitable service providers and provides support and coordination on the big day. There is no shortage of offers - the difficult thing is rather to dig through the offers and find a high-quality service provider. Wedding planner don`t just look pretty and wear high heels - they are event manager and project planner, calculator and controller, intermediary and negotiator, coordinator and crisis manager - that is a constant companion.

Saving Time

In a lot of bridal pairs, both parts are working or have limited time, thus time for planning is rather scarce. Additionally, preparing a wedding requires a lot of research and time: Looking for the right location, a talented photographer, a good confectioner, a cool band or the correct contact to local authorities. There are also time-consuming askings for offers, price comparisons, coordination dates and numerous phone calls and e-mails. With a wedding planer, these time consuming tasks vanish: You tell him your ideas, wishes and dreams and the wedding planer researches, compares, books, calls, coordinates and creates!


Their strength is your advantage: Wedding planning, catering, event technology, furniture and further services can be provided from DREAMEVENTS one-stop. Only a single contact accompanies you over the whole process of wedding planning. From finding ideas to finishing the event. This way, the wedding planer can make your request become real without any problems and at any point in time. Additionally, they have a large network with a lot of contacts and service providers - for every taste and for every budget. They work with reliable partners, know the regular prices and the most beautiful locations for every form of wedding party.

Budget Planning

A wedding planner takes control of your budget and will always keep an eye on it. There is nobody being as familiar with budgeting a wedding than a wedding planner. This way, they are also aware of hidden costs, which bridal couples might notice only at a very late point in time and which thus might stress the budget. By the way: Whoever falls back on a wedding planner does not necessarily need to show a large budget. Your wedding will be turned into an unforgettable party and wonderful event for every budget.

Saving of Costs and Nerves

A wedding planner indeed does cost money, but he will usually be able to get special discounts or other ?sweets? from service providers due to this contacts. He will guarantee a smooth planning of costs and procedure - without stressing your nerves.

Wedding Day Support

A lot of people underestimate the work for coordinating the wedding day. Who coordinates service providers and is also the contact for possible inquiries or complications? Who decorates the location before the wedding ceremony and makes sure everything runs smoothly? Who is the contact for diverse wishes or adaptions on a short notice? The wedding planner! He takes care of clearing up the location, of disassembling the tent and paying all service providers. The bridal couple, the family and friends can enjoy a great party without ruffle or excitement and the dower on the next day stressfree.


No matter if shabby chic, vintage or simply classic. A wedding planner always has an eye on current trends, which might provide inspiration or creative ideas for the wedding planning. The most important thing for him is: Every wedding is different, will be planned individually and will be a unique experience.

If you need any help when it comes to your wedding day organisation, doesn`t matter if in parts like finding the perfect location or coordinating the whole wedding day - feel free to contact Dreamevents for an offer without obligation and a free first meeting.



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