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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Nina Hintringer Photography!

We are very excited that you are visiting our site!

We, Nina & Phil, are a married photographer couple specialized in product- and advertising as well as wedding photography. Creating technically perfect images for the advertising industry is a fascinating and interesting challenge that we love!

Creating the look & feel

When doing shots for the advertising industry we usually work with a lot of equipment. All shots are done right onto our Macs with large, calibrated displays to get a better feeling of whether the shots meet the clients expectations or not. To light everything up well we use extensive lighting equipment from Hensel. We also have battery powered mobile flash units to shoot wherever the client needs to. In post production we optimize the colors, contrast, etc and if needed combine more shots into one final composition.

What we do

During the last years we mainly worked for companies like DAN-Küchen and Planlicht. Besides we also photograph for hotels and the tourism industry.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to publish all of our work but you can find some examples in our portfolio section.

Our clients

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