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Our brand new NHP Photo Booth 2.0 is already in action this whole 2013 season and finally we had time to take some images and show you our stylish product for your wedding with a little bit of background information as well.

During the last years we experimented a lot with different ways of creating fun images of wedding guests. It all started with a DSLR camera on a tripod and a remote release. After using this setup for a single wedding we already experienced a lot of problems: first of all people could not see whether they were out of frame or not - especially this was a problem for larger groups. Next they instantly wanted to see their image, so you had to move the camera show the image, make sure no one was deleting images of other people, reposition the camera and so on. Additionally we experienced that the guests would not behave naturally and really have fun as long as a photographer is standing anywhere close. Also an instant giveaway was not easily possible with this setup.

With all that in mind we then developed a new touchscreen based version of our Photo Booth two years ago. People could see the camera image live on screen and could trigger a countdown by touching the screen. All the images were stored on an internal hard drive and the software would not offer the option to delete images. We then added the feature that four images were taken in a row, so people could repose, use different accessories and have even more fun. These images were then combined into a collage by the software and could instantly be printed on photo paper. And the best ? no attendance was needed, so the guests could create awesome and unforgettable memories for themselves and the bridal couple.
This was a huge success during the last years. Whereever we brought our Photo Booth the wedding couple and the guests just could not stop using it. They created images no one would have expected using the props we brought with us and almost anything they could find at the venues like plants or sofas.

But this winter we even improved that. We bought a new terminal made of sleek brushed aluminium with an integrated touchscreen and then customized it to house a camera with Carl Zeiss lense, speakers, a powerful PC and WiFi. This new stylish booth fits into any first class venue no matter if modern or traditional. One plug, one button pressed and it´s ready to go. We even improved the image quality and enhanced the software. Now the terminal will even talk to you to let you know when the images are taken, you can take a look at all images previously taken by other guests in a gallery and the software can prompt the guest a mask to insert their name and a comment to use the Photo Booth as a kind of guestbook. If wished you can even instantly post the images on your Facebook page using WiFi to share your experience with friends and family unable to be part of your event. And of course all images can still be directly printed on photo paper on a professional printer.

This is what we call our NHP Photo Booth reloaded! A stylish and sleek outfit, even easier to use, more interaction and more fun! The new Photo Booth 2.0 is already well booked this wedding season and we can´t wait to share some pictures!


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