Hotel Photography - Part 3 | Show your Character

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Show what makes your hotel different from others

Think about a typical booking process from the point of view of your customers. According to a study by Google, 72% of all purchase decisions are now being made on the mobile device, i.e. on the smartphone or the tablet. As a rule, the desired destination is already determined and you are looking for a hotel. Google, etc. quickly offer relevantly comparatively portals where the offers are shown. The attention that a customer gives to a single offer is very low. The first picture (because texts get less attention) must therefore be convincing. Then the customer clicks on your link and wants to get a picture of the offer. How does he make his decision?

First, most will now show the price. This is good for a certain clientele, until one notices that the less you pay, the less you get. Whoever has had to sleep on a miserable mattress or in a shabby room, has hopefully learnt for the next time.

But then there are clientele who have more to spend and have the necessary capital and simply want to feel good for a few days. In today's world you tend to have shorter vacations, but more intense, so the price is not really the decisive criteria.

What makes a customer select one hotel over another? If you think about it for some time, you will see that the character of the hotel is the decisive factor. What are the special features of a hotel that make the difference? What are the characteristics and specialties? What makes you distinctive and unequalled? These are the points you should emphasize and these points must be transported to the customer with every type of communication. Large corporations call this Corporate Communication, which defines how and what is communicated to the customer. What makes the company stand out and what does it want to present? This is exactly what has to be worked out and presented.

Some examples: a hotel with a large, lovingly tended garden in a tourist capital can be enough to say that it is a garden hotel to a special clientele, who may not have this luxury at home and therefore would like to enjoy it to the fullest. An outdoor pool, shady and sunny places to relax, a café, what more does one need to enjoy the outdoors?

Another concept: offer luxury upon stepping into the hotel. Here you don't have to worry about anything as everything is taken care of. Wherever you go, you will be pampered. Everywhere accompanied by the light concept that contains the hotel’s logo - branding at the highest level. If you offer additional services, such as a wine shop or a shop, such as a traditional clothing shop located in the hotel, you will be able to present these special features, which will attract attention and stand out from the competition.

The character of your hotel is now ready to be captured in pictures. The customer wants to know what he has booked and he can easily get a feel for what he has invested in when he can see a visual of the offer. Therefore the pictures on hotel websites and portals are also often considered above-average. These images must convey the concept and character of the hotel. They must show what the customer expects, what is possible, even if he cannot enjoy all of the services during his stay. But this still leaves something open, something that can be experienced with the next visit. And there we have it, the regular customer, who is impressed the first time and eager to enjoy all of the missed services on the next visit or just relax like the last time.

This hotel photography blog series includes the following parts:
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Part 3: Hotel Photography | Show your Character

Below please enjoy some great examples of hotels we photographed:
Hotel Solaria in Ischgl - Tyrol, Gartenhotel Crystal in Fügen - Tyrol, Wellness Schloss Panorama Royal - Tyrol, Hotel Alpina Zillertal in Fügen - Tyrol


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