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After waiting so long, you finally received a very romantic proposal? Maybe you both decided together to officially say Yes to each other. Many couples want to immediately scream out the news at that time. However, friends, relatives and acquaintances often feel overlooked. This raises the question: How do you make it right for everyone? Surely we don't have a sure formula for this but we do have a few tips and pieces of advice for how you can elegantly work around some of the blunders in such a situation.

Inform yourself personally
Whoever doesn't want to shout the engagement from the rooftops, can just give the message personally to their closest friends and family. This can take place within the frame of a visit or you can invite your closest family members and friends to a nice dinner and let them know about your engagement that way. Whoever can keep silent and only wants to inform a few people, can also announce the engagement within the frame of a surprise party. You can ensure surprising faces if you disguise it as a barbecue party, Sunday brunch or something similar. If you cannot personally visit close relatives or friends due to the long distance or if they cannot make it to the party, then you should inform them via telephone.

Save-the-Date cards: The more unusual alternative
Whoever wants to ensure a surprise in the mailbox, can also astound future wedding guests with so-called Save-the-Date cards. This alternative is not that widespread here but very practical. This way, you can inform friends, acquaintances and relatives about the engagement and also about the date of the wedding. The recipients have two reasons for celebration this way. And they can reserve the appointment on time which is a great advantage for many people who have a full appointment calendar. Here are a few examples for Save-the-Date cards.

A self-made engagement video
You like it unusual but would like to exhaust all possibilities of modern technology? Then decide upon a self-made engagement video instead of a Save-the-Date card. That way you can include some photos or a video snippet from your real proposal or you can be creative and come up with a setting in which you can pack your engagement. There are no limits to your fantasies. When you're done, you can send the video via Email to friends, acquaintances and relatives.

The engagement announcement: If you like it classy
Usually you don't care much about conventions but in this very special case, you want it to be very classy? Then the engagement announcement in the daily newspaper should be made to announce the happy event. When creating the announcement, you can call upon both parental couples. This way of announcing the engagement is also very good if a large group of relatives, acquaintances and friends have to be informed. This announcement is also a wonderful memento. Mostly this is out of fashion in this country. However, the engagement announcement in the daily newspaper is part of the standard program in America.

If secrecy, do it right
Despite all anticipation, you should keep your engagement a secret until officially announcing it and you should know who to share the news with, without the news spreading throughout the entire circle of friends and family within a day. Otherwise you could also risk that someone spreads the word through Social Media without your approval. If you are not sure who can keep secrets in your circle of friends or family, then you should just keep everything to yourself until the official engagement announcement. This may not be a simple task for the both of you but this way, you can save yourself the disappointment of a shattered surprise.


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