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A few days ago we've been in Zurich, Switzerland for an engagement shoot with one of our 2017 bridal couples. But this time we were not just there for the day of the shoot, no, this time we chose to travel to Zurich for the whole weekend and so we had a WHOLE DAY OFF! Wow, that's really huge for us! Up to now we just asked my mum to babysit when we had to photograph a wedding or for a product and advertisement shoot and when I had to finish some projects in the office, so always just for working purposes. After 2,5 years - oh yes time flies - we had our first day off without our little girl. We love her to the moon and back but a day as a couple is not that bad as well ;) and of course we couldn't just relax and enjoy this beautiful sunny day, we did but we also took some photos of the two of us as we do not have so many opportunities for pictures like that. The weather was amazing and so we asked a friend for some pub and restaurant recommendatios and we could not have been happier! The whole day we were strolling through the city of Zurich and enjoying a coffee, drink or snack at a bar here and there. A bit of window shopping and some Sushi as well as a Mojito in the evening! What more to ask for? This day was just perfect! So enjoy a bit of summer with us!


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