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Within the last 10 years we saw a lot of wedding shoes and I also have been a bride, so I was looking for MY perfect pair of wedding shoes some years ago. When it comes to shoes for your big day there are several factors to consider. Of course your shoes should be as comfortable as possible, but in my opinion that should not be priority number one. Why? Let me explain. Do you also choose your wedding dress just in connection with how comfortable it is to wear or do you also make a design-related decision? You should definitely feel good in your shoes and your dress, but your dress will maybe be quite heavy and it could be that it is a bit difficult to sit or to dance with your dress. Most dresses are quite long, do you also wear such long and voluminous dresses in everyday life? Probably not. Your wedding day is not everyday life and most likely you will not wear a dress already hanging in your closet. You will choose something new and special, so why not choosing a pair of gorgeous shoes as well? When you go with timeless shoes you can also wear this pair afterwards for a cocktail party or when you are invited for a wedding as a guest. Who actually says that you have to wear white shoes for your own wedding? You could also choose a great color, so you have a special wedding accessory and so it also works fine to wear your shoes long after your wedding day is over.

When you are celebrating an outdoor wedding you could choose flat shoes - there are also some great designs without heels out there - or you could choose a shoe with a thicker heel to prevent twisting one's ankle. If you are smitten with high heels that does not mean that you cannot wear them for your outdoor celebrations, you just have to buy protectors for your heels. I can totally recommend Starlettos, I use them on my own, they are just perfect and you can install and remove them really quickly.

If you are not sure if you should wear flats or high heels on your wedding day, I would definitely recommend HIGH HEELS. Why? Heels elongate women's legs making them look faboulos. Your body will be shaped well and your upright posture is much better as your shoulders go back immediatly and your chest will be emphasized. You don't have to wear your heels all day long, you could switch to comfortable flats or shoes with thicker heels during dinner or just after your first dance when you start to rock the dancefloor. When it comes to your couple photos you should definitely wear heels and bring flats or flip-flops for walking between photo spots.

For winter weddings we have seen it all: from high heels to ballerinas to warm fur boots - the sky is the limit and you should definitily go with your style! I hope all this information helps and now we provide insight into our favorite and colorful wedding shoes!


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