Losing someone you love hurts badly

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When you receive bad news everyone handles the situation differently. Last week my loved grandma passed away, she was such a lovely personality. When you lose someone you love and you have to let this person go, it is always difficult. When such things happen in my life one of the first things I do is looking for a photo that reminds me of the wonderful time I had with this special person. Such photos and memories make my heart smile. Of course it hurts a lot, but I also know that my grandmother is now free from pain. Words fail me at the moment. Such tragical incidences - not just in our familiy, we already heard some similiar stories from our bridal couples - make me think how important our job as photographers is:

We can freeze moments in time and as a result we create many wonderful memories that last forever!

Ever since we created this photo with my grandmother and our little girl, it decorates our living room right besides a photo of my mom with her father and my grandfathers memorial card photo. Photos are something that last forever and in the digital age there are often times way too many photos created with phones, tablets and cameras getting dusty on hard drives. I try to print out or to create an album with the most important memories, so these photos are valued and a printed image has a totally different impact.

I hope you all have just one photo with each person you love. It does not have to be a picture created by a professional photographer, it can be a snapshot created with your phone - like this photo with my grandma. You do not need hundreds of images, one single photo can be enough to bring some joy to your heart and memories back to your mind. Wishing you all a great time with your loved ones, enjoy it to the full because you never know how long you have the opportunity to do that. Sometimes fate treats you unkindly and you lose someone you love unexpectedly.

Sending you lots of hugs and a big kiss to my grandmother - we miss you!


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