3 Fun Facts about Me

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Wanna know THREE FUN FACTS about me? Here we go:

1. I can look quite angry when I concentrate on something (photographic proof can be found below) and if anyone has a recipe against these wrinkles between my eyebrows in such situations, I wanna know!!!

2. I'm also a software developer - coding nerd and photographer. Does this go along? Well, I think it can work out ;)

3. I never thought I would be self-employed. Phil already had his own business when we first met 15 years ago and I always used to say: One self-employed family member is enough, the other one has to take care of a regular income. Well, 10 years ago this situation changed and ever since we are running several successful businesses together. I'm happy that my hubby motivated and supported me to take this step, I wouldn't want it any other way!

Now it's your turn, I'm curious about YOUR three fun facts? Let's connect on social media and leave a comment on my Facebook page or my Instagram account! Can't wait to hear your stories!

And what would such a personal post be without some fun behind the scenes photos? Enjoy...


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