Sandra & Florian | Deeply moving wedding with gorgeous details | Part 1

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Sandra and Florian are an awesome couple and you can really feel the love between them. One of our last year´s couples recommended us, special thanks to Caro & Stefan!

We were a perfect fit right from the beginning and also our style is absolutely harmonious ;) Sandra and Florian as well as we created some props for our shoot due to the bad weather forecast for their wedding day to create some extraordinary images. As we presented our results to each other on the wedding day we had to laugh! One of our props was exactly the same, thanks to Susan Brand Design for your great DIY wedding signs. Not only we - also our clients - love your work!

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Sandra and Florian! We thank you from the bottom our hearts that we could be part of your wonderful day! It was a pleasure and deeply moving! And as you both lit your wedding candle and tear drops ran down Sandra´s cheeks even my eyes were filled with tears! We wish you all the best for your future, enjoy your journey together and remain such an amazing couple! We are really looking forward seeing you soon again and doing another shoot: After-Wedding and/or Trash-The-Dress here we come!

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