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Last year in summer this idea was born as gold, black and white were (and still are) really trendy colors not just in the area of interior design, but also for weddings and events. Often times people think that you can't go with black for a wedding, but today we would like to prove that the opposite is true. Combine it with white and gold and you have a beautiful, glamorous and chic color palette for your wedding or whatever event - bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, anniversary - you would like to celebrate. Without other wonderful vendors this gorgeous shoot would not have been possible and so we would like to shout out a huge Thank You to Petra König Wohnen & Lifestyle for her decoration and tableware as well as Viola from süss und blumig for the flowers and for creating such a masterpiece of wedding cake in black, white and gold.

Petra has a one-of-a-kind interior and lifestyle store in our home town Schwaz in Tyrol and there you can find everything your heart beats for. Really extraordinary things, excellent design and warm-hearted staff. Always worth a visit, but be prepared that you will buy a bit more than you thought beforehand as you can find so many beautiful things there. Petra created such a wonderful decoration for our shoot and supported us with outstanding tableware in black and white. She was on board right away as I talked to her about our wedding stationery and inspirational shoot idea to make this gold, black and white dream come true. She even ordered golden cutlery to make the table decoration perfect. Viola is part of the süss und blumig team and they create wonderful flower anrrangements and cakes for every occasion.

As you may know Phil and I are not just wedding photographers, we also have an online printing company called and we wanted to create some glamorous card series for weddings with this color theme for quite some time and so we did. We created wedding invitations, menus, place cards, table numbers, thank you tags, wine labels, gift boxes, cake toppers and thank you cards of each design. Thanks to our laser cutting machine it's no problem to create unusual shapes and products, so we can produce and customize all our wine labels, guest gift packaging and cake toppers from acrylic glass on our own. We decided to create a black and white striped design with a golden square as well as a chevron design in gold and black which can be combined among each other. All these products - except table numbers and thank you tags - can be found in our online store: Elegant Square Series, Gold Zick Zack Series and Black Zick Zack Series. Thank you tags and table numbers are new products which will be offered soon in our shop. If you would like to shop these things before they are available online, just let us know. With our online editor you can customize our existing designs, but you can also create your own individual, personalized cards and extras for your wedding or event. But now enjoy the photos of this glamorous shoot. It was such a pleasure working with you guys and we are really looking forward to bring another great idea to life.

This set is called Elegant Square: Clean and elegant black and white stripes combined with a golden square and a beautiful calligraphic font.

This set is called Gold Zick Zack: A beautiful Chevron pattern in golden colors combined with a calligraphic font.

This set is called Black Zick Zack: A beautiful Chevron pattern in black combined with a calligraphic font.

We also crated a variaton of this set with golden hotfoil imprint. This special edition will be added to our online store soon. If you would like to buy it before it goes online, just drop us a line.


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