Bride & Groom Portraits | What to consider when it comes to the Couple's Shoot

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A major highlight of almost every wedding is the couple's shooting - the photo session with the bride and groom. What is important and what should be considered?

In our opinion: take time for yourselves. The wedding day is always more stressful than expected. So many things are happening, so many people are sharing in your happiness and before you know it there is a delay. The couple's shooting is often the only moment of the day where the bridal couple can enjoy being together. Accompanied by your photographer, of course.

Make sure that the chemistry between you and your photographer is perfect. Only when you are completely natural you will enjoy the photo shooting and that does not happen if you do not like the person behind the camera. Our approach is to only work with couples with whom we have a good understanding and there is a positive chemistry between us. This way the bridal couple can enjoy the photo session, relax and look completely natural and in love. This also creates really emotional and genuine photos as these capture the sizzle of the moment, the magic and the love that you felt at that moment.

Time is another important factor. Take time for your bride and groom portraits. Of course, you can take a few good pictures in 15 minutes. But experience shows that time is needed until the couple in the crowd of people is able to relax and get used to the new situation. The first 15 minutes are usually more stiff and unnatural. Only then, when the photographer and the couple are comfortable with each other, when you are not as tensed - then it is possible to have good pictures. If you would like to have something extra special or to be photographed at several locations, then you should plan more time - we recommend that you plan one hour; for several locations the travel time needs to be considered as well. The shooting can be shortened by postponements and delays anyway.

The location is another matter. Obviously, this plays a role too, but in the end it is all about the couple as well as the light and not the background. You can find good spots for photos almost everywhere and often the best pictures are captured in completely unexpected places with wonderful light. So don't focus too much on a location, often the best ones are close by and that means more time for photos especially if you don't have to drive there.

Now enjoy some of our most favorite bride and groom portraits, happy wedding planning to all future brides out there!


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