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Every wedding is unique - everyone agrees. That's all because of the bride and groom. Every couple has other preferences, places value on different things, has another optical style, prefers other locations, flowers, bands, meals and so on...

Shouldn't the wedding invitations and the entire wedding stationery express this uniqueness?

Everyone thinks that it starts with the wedding invitations, but actually this is not quite true. It starts with the proposal and the first thoughts about the upcoming ceremony. There are conversations and attempts to plan the events of the day. Will there be a church wedding? Where should it take place and when? Should the civil ceremony take place on the same day? Questions upon questions that need to be answered prior to the wedding invitation. Only after these points have been discussed and confirmed with the various locations the wedding invitation can be created, as prior to this there will be no text for the invitations.

Already, by the decision as to when and where, a style has already been decided. A winter ceremony, for example, has a completely different style than a summer ceremony. If one marries in or out of the Catholic Church - these also influence the wedding style. All of these decisions that the bride and groom make prior to selecting the wedding invitation influence the overall style of the upcoming celebration.

These influences should help in the decision when selecting your wedding invitation as only so can one be certain that everything matches perfectly. Our very own wedding stationery online platform shows all the designs by category. This way you can quickly find a suitable design for a simple or modern wedding, as well as for a classic, floral or vintage wedding. The ideal design for a wedding invitation reflects the style of the bridal couple and the celebration just perfectly.

The best thing about this decision is that it makes it easier for all other wedding stationery. We have a matching set for a lot of designs and if you miss a piece in your selected design, just let us know. This set consists of the wedding invitation, place cards, menus, church programs and thank you cards. Additionally, we offer the matching reply postcards, bomboniere packaging and wine labels. Once you have found what you like, then you can always select from this design series for your other wedding stationery needs. Another positive effect is that everything matches. It is pleasing to the guest's eye when they recognize the same design on the wedding table with the place cards and menu as was on the invitation.

Be inspired, listen to yourself and decide on something that you both like. Think about the wedding location, the style of the wedding ceremony and all of the things that you would like to integrate into the wedding. This would lead you to the right design for your wedding stationery.


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