How to design the perfect Wedding Newspaper

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The wedding newspaper - an emotional highlight with an incredible sentimental value!
A wedding newspaper is probably the most personal gift with many memories and entertainment for your wedding guests. It is the best way to remember the most beautiful day of your life, not only for the bride and groom but also for the wedding party.

What makes a wedding newspaper interesting?
A wedding newspaper is a wonderful way to inform the wedding guests all about the couple. It is an opportunity to let everyone get to know the couple, include pictures from when they dated or the 10 best moments over the years. In many wedding newspapers an article on how the couple met written by a close relative or friend is often included, an interesting idea would be to collect best wishes from friends and relatives. The newspaper often contains childhood pictures of the couple and one or two anecdotes from when they were still single. Think about all of the earlier funny stories. It is exactly these moments that a wedding newspaper preserves so let your creativity run wild.

Who is responsible for the wedding newspaper?
Actually, no one is responsible for this task, however, the maid of honor, best man, parents or best friends usually complete it. Generally, the creation of the wedding newspaper should be completed as soon as possible. After all, you have to rely on other family members or friends to write some of its content and time must be allocated for this. A deadline can be set by which all of the articles have to be submitted to the responsible person. This is the only way to guarantee that the wedding newspaper will be ready for the big day.

A lot of effort - there is another way!
It is possible that a lot of time is spent preparing the newspaper. But as you maybe know we also founded a wedding stationery online business called and in our online shop there are wedding newspapers in attractive designs with blocks for text and pictures in which you just have to place your own text and pictures and voila – the high quality and elegant wedding newspaper is finished in no time! The special feature of our offer is the following: First, you select the number of pages, you can choose from 24, 20 or 16 pages for each wedding newspaper design. We recommend an optimal layout for a typical wedding newspaper but you have the option to select a different design template from our collection for every page. The wedding newspaper now consists of a collection of page designs that can be combined and changed as you like. So with little effort you get a wedding newspaper that will impress your whole wedding party.

When should you give the wedding newspaper to your guests?
Please do not give the wedding newspaper to your guests too late in the evening when the party is already going on and everybody should be on the dance floor. Otherwise you transform your wedding ball room into a library and then it is almost impossible to get the party started again, even with the best DJ or band in the world. The best time is in the afternoon during cocktail hour or at the beginning of the evening, maybe between two courses, some time before the dance floor is opened.


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