4 Tips how to choose the right Photos for your Wedding Album

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When you receive the final photos from your wedding photographer and you have booked a wedding reportage for several hours, it can be quite overwhelming when you should choose the right photos for your wedding album. It's pretty hard to cut down the number of photos when there are several hundred moments beautifully captured. You can hardly go without any of these photos as you chose your wedding guests wisely, planned this special day for several months, picked your wedding venue carefully and chose the color theme and style of your decoration intentionally. There are so many wonderful moments and emotions on such a great and unique day and you would like to relive your wedding day over and over again when you flip through your wedding album. We suggest to keep the following things in mind when you pick the photos for your wedding album - your first family heirloom:

1. Add lots of emotional photos
Emotions make a wedding day unique and they will stay in your minds forever. When your photographer captured these highlights beautifully you have a great opportunity to relive these moments over and over again when you page through your album. You will laugh about the funny moments and the hiccups occurred, you will cry when you see all the reactions during the emotional speeches, you will reminisce about everything what happened in between and you cannot believe that this day flew by so quickly. So choose as many emotional photos for your wedding album as possible as, so you will bring your coffee-table book to life.

2. Add detail shots
It took quite a lot of time to pick all the little details for your wedding. Your dress, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, suit, cufflinks, boutonniere, etc. and so these things should be part of your wedding album as well. You don't need to add every single detail shot of your wedding outfit, maybe there is also a photo with more details in one shot to receive an overview. The detail shots can also be presented a bit smaller, but it's important to add these photos to create an airy design. Otherwise, when there are just photos of people in your album, you don't know where to look at first. So many faces and emotions. Detail shots are a great opportunity to mix things up and show the uniqueness of your wedding.

3. Be careful with the amount of group shots
In our opinion it is best to incorporate not too many group shots. We totally get it: the guests you invited are important, but instead of choosing 20 group shots for your wedding album we would suggest you go with on big photo of your whole wedding party and adding three or four photos with smaller groups like families and witnesses. Of course you can add a view more photos on some pages, but overall the book should not look like a stamp-album with lots of tiny images where almost nothing or nobody is recognizable because of the small size. That leads towards the next point.

4. Cut down the number of photos - less is more
I totally understand how hard it is to break down the number of images. I have to deal with the same problem every year when I create a sample album with last season's best-of and for that I have to choose from thousends of images… but at the end it's always worth the effort. LESS is MORE and so it's possible to show as many photos as big as possible. When you look at an album with hundreds of photos you are overwhelmed and each image cannot really breath on a spread. So it's not really fun to browse through the book as there is so much going on on each spread. If you don't know where to start when it comes to your image selection for your wedding album you can always start with your photographer's blog post. Usually there are some great emotions, details and also the highlights of your ceremony and party presented. You can go from there and add photos with a special meaning.

Here you can see the final result of Julie & Jan's coffee-table book. They did a great job with regard to their image selection. They started with some photos of their preparations, followed by detail shots of rings and flowers, their first look with beautiful emotions, their couple shoot photos, lots of ceremony moments and emotions, some ballroom decoration, all the great moments and laughter during their speeches, their first dance, fireworks, cake cutting, rocking the dancefloor and ending with an impressive sparkler shot. It's fun to flip through their album and it never gets boring. Not too much or little of one part of their wedding day. Enjoy this beautiful wedding day again and if you would like to see and read the whole story check out Julie & Jan's wedding blog post.


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