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Within seven days we drove 2.500km, sat 28 hours in our car and met so many lovely people. We've been two days in Germany to capture a beautiful wedding at Schloss Reinach, one day in our office with some extra time for our little girl, followed by four days in Italy to capture a multi-day wedding with lots of wonderful emotions. It was an intense week but we are more than happy that we could be part of all these special events. Today we would like to deliver insight into the first day we spent in Italy with Nadja and Albino. They started their wedding celebrations with a GetTogether and Poolparty at the Villa Pianciani in Spoleto, Italy. Oh my god, this location is one of a kind - absolutely fantastic - words fail me. We had the chance to stay at the Villa as well and all the different rooms there are so beautiful and cozy but yet pictorial. It felt like staying and working at a fairy tale estate. In Italy it was a pleasure to meet make-up artist Der Visagist Michél Schiwon again - he was also booked for this Tuscany wedding - it is always fun to work together as we are a great team. Enough said, let's get this party started and enjoy our first day at the Villa Pianciani.

PS: Here you can find the wedding day blog post: Villa Pianciani Wedding in Spoleto, Italy


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