Interview MANN BACKT | The wedding cake - beautiful OR delicious? Are both not possible?

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This question came across as we talked to one of our birdal couples and they told us that their wedding venue asked Do you want a beautiful OR a delicious wedding cake? as they wanted to make a deciscion for their own wedding cake. What?!? Well, we are quite some years in this industry and so we know BOTH is possible - absolutely - BUT you definitely need the perfect cake designer. As we are not a pastry chef - no, we don't create such beautiful and delicious cakes on our own - we asked an expert in this area and today we are more than happy to present MANN BACKT - Marian Moschen, a specialist when it comes to wedding cakes. Enjoy the interview and if you are looking for such a beautiful AND delicious wedding cake, you should definitley contact him! Marian, thank you so much for your time, it was a pleasure to talk to you - hopefully me meet soon at a wedding. Photo credit: Mann backt


1. Why did you start baking? Was that always your dream?
I have always baked and always enjoyed it. That's how my blog started and grew. And just like it is with passion and hobbies, the cakes become more lavish, more complex and then suddenly you are in the elite class of baking – wedding cakes!

2. What should the bridal couple pay attention to with the wedding cake? Do you have a tip or two that most couples don't consider?

Generally, as long as it is delicious and makes you happy, it is allowed. It makes sense however, to have the cake match the wedding theme. Colors, flowers, patterns and decors of all types can be implemented in all conceivable designs. Creativity has no limits. The limiting factor is the required amount of cake slices because, for example a cake with 3 layers is not enough for 200 guests. Couples who are looking for a cake designer that they can trust should have a rough idea of the wedding's concept before the appointment. Everything else can be planned and designed in a later conversation.

3. Do you really have to decide between beautiful and good?
No quite the opposite. The worst thing that can happen is a cake that looks delicious and inviting on the outside, but is then disappointing after the first bite. Before you even start the cake design, it is important to me to know what type of cake the bride and groom as well as their guests would like. There are hardly any limits when it comes to taste, especially when you consider Naked Cakes and all the other cakes without fondant. When you have the design and taste, it is now up to the cake designer to deliver the best possible quality. Here you need know-how, the best and above all freshest ingredients and the experience to create a masterpiece based on the specifications of taste, design and the conditions like the season, temperature and serving time. The result is a wedding cake that is a jaw dropper and with the first bite makes you yearn for more. Taste and a beautiful optic go hand in hand, but request an experienced cake designer.

4. Is there a rule of thumb for the size of the cake to the number of guests?
Yes, there is one and it is: one slice of cake for each guest, not less, more is always allowed. If there really is left over cake, then it can be enjoyed the next day with a cup of coffee.

5. What are the current wedding cake trends?
The 2018 trend is still Naked Cake just like 2017. Fondant is no longer interesting. Many guests don't like it. Cream icing can be used to create beautiful designs and combined with a ganache drip you have a Drip Cake that looks fantastic. Naked cakes are modern, minimalistic, focused on taste and an absolute highlight at every wedding.

6. How many months prior to the wedding should the couple meet with you about their cake – how much lead time is ideal?
Planning and creating a wedding cake does not happen from one second to the next, it is often a process that comes together with the planning of the decoration, ambience and schedule. Therefore, it is also the case with the planning of the wedding cake – the earlier it is in the wedding planning process the better. If, for whatever reason, this is not the case, and an appointment is still free (which is the main problem with spontaneous bookings), then the absolute minimum is 14 days beforehand.


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