Video | After Wedding and Trash the Dress Shoot

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Maybe you´ve already seen our blog post of Sandra & Florian´s After Wedding and Trash the Dress shoot short ago. We created a short video with lots of impressions of this shoot as well as a few behind the scene sequences. Music by Greendjohn - enjoy!

After Wedding and Trash the Dress Shoot | Sandra & Florian

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Do you remember Sandra and Florian?! We were lucky to capture their beautiful wedding last year where we had lots of fun together. As they were already thinking of doing an After Wedding or Trah the Dress shoot beforehand we agreed right on their wedding day to do such a shoot later that year. Unfortunatelly in fall we did not find a proper shooting date for all four of us and also the weather did not play along, it was way to cold. So we decided to shift the shoot to spring. After almost four w...

Mexican Color Explosion in Switzerland | Andrea & Markus | Schaffhausen

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We had the honor to cover the wedding of Nina´s college-colleague Markus, we are friends with Markus and Andrea since a long time. Markus lives in Switzerland for quite a long time and found his wonderful wife in Zurich. Andrea´s familiy originally is from Mexico where she also was born and lived a while. Markus also travels a lot since his birth, from the dessert of Saudi-Arabia to India and so a fascinating travel theme fit their wedding just fine. With guests from 15 different nations it must...