Petzval Lomography Lens 85mm - Product Review | Test Shoot in Mallorca

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Recently we were asked to test the new Petzval Lomography Lens with 85mm focal length and a maximum aperture of f2.2. We were very excited about the request and managed to get the lens just before our trip to Mallorca for some photo shoots in September. Unfortunately it took us way too long to get the product review written but we wanted to make it as detailed as possible and describe everything we experienced - positive as well as negative aspects of the product.

2011 was AMAZING - 2012 will be BREATHTAKING!

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A few days ago we sent out our newsletter with a review of our amazing year 2011 and a preview how breathtaking 2012 will be for us! At the request of some who missed it we thought it is a good idea to blog it - have fun reading and being thrilled!