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Food photography for hotels as well as presentation of the wellness areas.

In an increasingly fast-paced time, enjoyment and wellness play an increasingly important role. For this reason, it is also particularly important to present great food in an artistic way so that the potential guest’s mouths will start to water from just browsing the website. Just by looking at the pictures in the catalogue or on the website, the guest should already feel the desire to enjoy the dishes mastered by the star cook.

Fresh, juicy, fruity and crisp that’s how the dishes should look and in our opinion, there should be something seasonal, regional, traditional as well as special. Let the cook have free reign and show dishes that match your hotel style and ambience. A tastefully prepared Smorgasbord is perfect for a hotel with a lot of wood décor, just as luxurious gourmet menus, whose presentations look like works of art is perfect for a first-class top hotel. But, of course, one does not exclude the other; it is a matter of dressing up and staging, even a simple vegetable lasagne can be so delightedly prepared that your stomach will rumble just by looking at the photographs.

As a saying goes, Food should be a feast for the eyes, it is particularly important in the hotel industry to photograph the excellent and extravagant delicacies appropriately in order to present the specialties of the respective hotel to the various marketing channels.

Particularly in the modern hotel industry, wellness areas are always planned and implemented more elaborately. A simple sauna and a steam bath are no longer enough to please the guests. Extravagant transformations, sophisticated solutions and architectural highlights are in demand today. Large sums are invested in this and the running costs of these resorts are also worth mentioning. It is therefore all the more important that these resorts lead not only indirectly through customer satisfaction, but also directly to additional revenue. If a wellness area offers additional services such as massages, cosmetics, etc., this can lead to additional revenue.

Therefore, it is important to showcase wellness areas as well as the additional services including the use of high-quality products for masks, hot stone massages, etc. One should feel absolutely comfortable just by looking, build trust and feel the relaxation and tranquillity. Here, too, one has to awaken the need of the customer to have a special treatment. The more customers you convince, the higher your returns.

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Below please enjoy some great examples of food and wellness areas we photographed:
Cook Element - Tyrol, Hafele Catering - Tyrol, Moreira Gourmet House - Küsnacht CH, Schloss Prielau - Zell am See, HAUTE - Zurich, Restaurant Seehaus Herrliberg - Zürichsee, The Dolder Grand - Zurich, Seehotel am Kaiserstrand - Bodensee, Hotel Solaria in Ischgl - Tyrol, Hotel Alpina Zillertal in Fügen - Tyrol, Gartenhotel Crystal in Fügen - Tyrol


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