Publication: Photokina Epson Digigraphie Gallery 2016

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As you may know our company is also Epson Digigraphie certified and we took part in their Photokina 2016 contest. We were lucky again (2010 they also displayed two of our photos) to be chosen for a large format print, sized 53x80cm, this year. We are really honored that our DELICOUS MACAROONS WITH RING TOPPING photo succeeded and was presented at the Epson Digigraphie Gallery at Photokina 2016 besides lots of other great photographers! Unfortunately we were not able to travel to Cologne this yea...

Our Photokina-Trip | Cologne

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We are back from our Photokina - Cologne trip and we have a lot of new ideas in our luggage! We had a lot of fun, interesting talks and we met a lot of nice people. In this post we show you some images from us at the Photokina as well as a cool 360 degrees image from our cool move at the ADF Matrixring, captured with 18 cameras.