Publication: Umweltfotofestival Horizonte Zingst 2017

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In Zingst, located in the North of Germany, the so called Umweltfotofestival »horizonte zingst« is taking place every year. The festival is celebrating its 10 years anniversary - congratulations - and you can be part of it between May 20th and June 5th, 2017. Epson is supporting this wonderful event once again and so they made a call to all Epson Digigraphie certified businesses - and we are part of this community - to submit a photo for their Best of Digigraphie gallery presented at this festiv...

Sillpark Fashion Shooting | Innsbruck

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Some weeks ago we already postet some making of images of our Sillpark-Fashion-Shooting and today it`s time: the new Sillpark magazine is out! Check out the photographs published in this magazine. Sillpark, Kordula Stöckl (model), Markus Trocha (model), Elke Griessmayr (make-up artist), advertising agency ACC

Sillpark Fashion Shooting | Making Of

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Yesterday we had the honor to do a fashion shooting in the Sillpark ambience for the next Sillpark magazine with Kordula Stöckl (model), Markus Trocha (model), Elke Griessmayr (make-up artist) and the advertising agency ACC! It was a lot of fun - come on and sneak a peek...

New portfolio online

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Our new catalog of references is now available online. Just click the Prospekt-Link in the product- and ad-photography section and with the button on the right bottom you can switch to full screen mode. Here a little foretaste, have a lot of fun: Prospekt

2010 was GREAT!

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2010 was a really eventful year for us and our business and we want to share the highlights of 2010 with you once more.