Melanie & Mario are celebrating their dream wedding | Zillertal, Tyrol

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Melanie and Mario celebrated their wonderful wedding day the end of April with really summerlike temperatures and we were proud to be part of it. The weather was absolutely crazy, we had 31 degrees, lots of sunshine and also some gusts of wind. Melanie and Mario enjoyed their big day together with their son, families and friends and partied all night long!

Natalee & Hermann | Slideshow Preview

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We had the honor to cover the wedding of Natalee and Hermann on the 7th of May 2011. With this short trailer you can sneak a peek of their great day:

Natalee & Hermann - Part 2 | Mayrhofen, Tux

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Part 2 of Natalee and Hermann`s wedding at Hotel Alpenhof. Part 1 of the wedding can be found HERE!

Natalee & Hermann - Part 1 | Mayrhofen, Tux

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Last Saturday we were part of Natalee and Hermann`s wedding day! It was a fantastic day with lots of gorgeous details! We had the possibility to share their day from the morning till late at night at the Hotel Alpenhof and we are still fascinated! Natalee is from New York and it was really great that some of here family and friends where here and celebrated this day with the couple. And here is my dilemma, there were so many photos I loved, so once again there are two posts: HERE you can find ...