10 Tips for your perfect Winter Wedding

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More and more bridal couples are attracted to the charm of a winter wedding and decide on a sparkling snowy wedding. In our opinion, a good one as a winter wedding has many advantages. On one hand, a wedding during winter is not part of the wedding marathon and thus stands out from the other weddings. On the other hand, it is easier to find a suitable date since the guests as well as the desired service providers are not as busy after summer. There is not as much concern about the weather for a ...

Our 21 favorite Wedding Venues | Wedding Locations in Europe

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We are proud to say that our business brought us to so many beautiful countries all over the world and today we would like to share our 21 favorite wedding venues in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria. When you are looking for your perfect wedding location it can be quite challenging: it should reflect your style and match the style of your wedding, there has to be space for lots of people, often times it is necessary or desired to have overnight accommodation for traveling guests, i...

Our most favorite Wedding Shoes for your big Day

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Within the last 10 years we saw a lot of wedding shoes and I also have been a bride, so I was looking for MY perfect pair of wedding shoes some years ago. When it comes to shoes for your big day there are several factors to consider. Of course your shoes should be as comfortable as possible, but in my opinion that should not be priority number one. Why? Let me explain. Do you also choose your wedding dress just in connection with how comfortable it is to wear or do you also make a design-related...

Cat & Menno | Customer Feedback

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A huge thank you to Cat & Menno for having us as their wedding photographers. It was an incredible day and we are super happy about their wonderful feedback! Check out more about their experience with us in the details of this blog post, of course in English and German.

Ski-Inspired Summer Wedding | Cat & Menno and their Tiffany Blue Color Theme

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Some of you might ask why a ski theme for a summer wedding? Actually the reason for this is rather simple: the couple, as well as the maid of honor and the best man all met at the Tyrolean Alps while working as skiing instructors. The bride is from Great Britain, the groom from the Netherlands, the best man also from GB and the maid of honor is from Austria but already married to another cool guy coming from the United States. Check out their socks, that easily tells something about their nation...