Sabine & Robert are tying the knot in Gmunden | Part 1

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Heavy shower and sunshine - we were looking forward to the wedding of Sabine and Robert at the Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden for so long. But as so often this summer the weather forecast didn`t make us happy at all. Cold temperatures and rain for the whole day was expected and so was the night before the wedding. But fate treated us good and the wedding day began dry and during the morning the sun came out and the clouds disappeared. So we had the opportunity to cover an oldtimer journey, an incredible wedding ceremony at the Seeschloss Ort followed by a boat trip to the Schlosshotel Freisitz Roith, a reception in the garden and a dinner at the terrace with a gorgeous view over the Traunsee and Gmunden. Later in the night we hat the chance to watch a thunderstorm coming over the mountains which was acompanied by hundreds of flashes that illuminated the night - what a magical day!

Part 2 of Sabine and Robert`s wedding in Gmunden: Part 2

Part 2 of Sabine and Robert`s wedding in Gmunden: Part 2


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