Opening Event, Office Impressions and our Mission Statement

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We are so proud that we moved into our new office last fall, we are absolutely in love with it and working there is a whole other experience and much more fun. Now we have a lot of space for our photography as well as our printing business and with this blog post we want to show you some impressions of our new office created at the day of our opening event at the end of 2015. We also want to deliver insight into the reasons for this wonderful new office, because of our photography business it wo...

NHP Photo Booth 2.0 unveiled | Stylish fun for your wedding

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Our brand new NHP Photo Booth 2.0 is already in action this whole 2013 season and finally we had time to take some images and show you our stylish product for your wedding with a little bit of background information as well.

Brigitte & Gerhard | Customer Feedback

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Liebe Nina, lieber Phil, die Fotos sind unglaublich schön geworden, wir sind ganz begeistert!!! Auch der Blogeintrag ist euch super gelungen mit der Auswahl der Fotos. Unsere Hochzeit war für uns ein unvergesslicher Traum - mit diesem wunderbaren Wetter einfach unglaublich. Bis bald und ganz liebe Grüße, Brigitte & Gerry

Brigitte & Gerhard | Wedding on a boat | Lochau at Lake Constance

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Recently we could be part of Brigitte and Gerhard´s wedding at Lake Constance in Vorarlberg. They have decided to have their ceremony on a boat! The reception took place at the bathhouse, Seehotel am Kaiserstrand, in the middle of the lake at wonderful sunny weather. Some guests might have taken this to literal and went for a refreshing swim in the lake just before dinner ;) Even the groom had no chance to escape as he had to rescue his wife from distress...

Sabine & Robert are tying the knot in Gmunden | Part 2

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Part 2 of Sabine and Robert`s gorgeous wedding at the Traunsee. The ceremony took place at Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden and they celebrated at the wonderful Schlosshotel Freisitz Roith. Part 1 of Sabine and Robert`s wedding in Gmunden: Part 1

Sabine & Robert are tying the knot in Gmunden | Part 1

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Heavy shower and sunshine - we were looking forward to the wedding of Sabine and Robert at the Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden for so long. But as so often this summer the weather forecast didn`t make us happy at all. Cold temperatures and rain for the whole day was expected and so was the night before the wedding. But fate treated us good and the wedding day began dry and during the morning the sun came out and the clouds disappeared. So we had the opportunity to cover an oldtimer journey, an incredi...