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Uuhhh, our own after wedding shoot is featured in the current weddingstyle issue! We love to see our photos taken by Christine Meintjes from Cape Town, South Africa in this beautiful German wedding magazine! If you´d like to see some more images of us, feel free to take a look at following blog posts: Couple Shoot with Mike Larson in Las Vegas and our After Wedding Shoot with Christine Meintjes at the BMW World in Munich.

Nina & Phil | Our own shoot in Las Vegas

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In Vegas we also used the opportunity to take some new pictures of us on our own. We walked through the city, searched for some nice spots with great light and had super fun! We also took the chance to do some flash shots at the end to practice a bit and to test our new ND filter. Special thanks to my husband - I absolutely love the photos he took of me! Come on and sneak a peek...

We in Vegas - Couple Shoot with Mike Larson

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Every now and then we take the opportunity to get in front of the camera, to get some pictures of us and to experience the side of our clients. In our opinion that´s really important for us photographers to get a good feeling for our clients and how they feel during a shoot. It´s really something different to guide clients and to be in front of the lens on your own. We can just recommend doing this and it´s always a great opportunity to see how other photographers work and guide you. As we alre...

We at WPPI - meeting new friends and visiting the cold northeast of the United States

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Time passes by so quickly and after our three-week trip to the US we were welcomed by plenty of outstanding orders from our wedding stationery online-plattform www.dankeskarte.com and a lot of other things, like meeting new clients and talking about their upcoming weddings, that kept us busy so far. But now it is time to give you a little insight on our trip: Our WPPI-experience: Since many years we wanted to attend WPPI - the worlds largest conference on wedding and portrait photography - whic...

Analog meets Digital: Photographs taken with a 100 year old vintage camera | Paxmontana, Switzerland

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I received an amazing vintage large-format camera as a present from my mother in law a few years ago. We used to place it in a nice glass case and every now and then we took it out as a prop for some photo shoots. A few weeks before christmas when we had some time off Phil decided to take the camera out to disassemble and clean all the Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and the Compur-shutter in oder to get it back to life again. We ordered some fitting rollfilms online and decided to give it a try duri...

Wedding Inspirations | Personalized Wedding Hanger for your Wedding Dress

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In international wedding magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings and online wedding blogs like StyleMePretty.com you may have already seen those great custom wedding hangers personalized with the bride´s new name, initials or some special symbols. Those hangers are such a great idea and recently I decided to order such a custom wedding gown hanger with the word ´bride´ made out of wire from LilaFrancesDesigns.com, United States. It was so great to work with Anna and Emilie from LilaFrances, they ...

Summer here we come | Florida impressions

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Last year in November we enjoyed our summer holiday in Florida to the full and because now it´s getting warmer outside - even in Austria - we want to renew this summer feeling with some iPhone-pics from our Florida trip! Enjoy the sun even when it´s raining outside today...

Our After Wedding Shoot with Christine Meintjes | BMW World Munich

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July 1st was the day Phil and I dressed up and on the occasion of our 1st wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday we did an After Wedding Shoot with the incredible South African photographer Christine Meintjes. Christine and her husband Iaan were traveling through Europe and we seized the chance to do a shoot with them. Phil and I have chosen the BMW world Munich as location, this building is absolutely awesome! We had a lot of fun and can just recommend to every photographer to get in front of...

Hare Hugo | 2 years ago

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Two years ago we picked up a little helpless hare during a hiking trip. It was just a few days old and had only 90 grams. We raised the little bunny and were able to bring it back to nature sucessfully after a four month stay at our home. We are really proud that our hare Hugo made it!