Wedding Inspirations | Give your Wedding a Corporate Design

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The motto and corporate design of a wedding: Just think about what makes you a couple, what is special and unique about you and what do you like doing together. All of these things can be the basis for a wedding motto as well as the corporate design. The dress, the suit, jewellery and of course the bridal bouquet and the floral decoration as well as the decorations for the location, the tables, the wedding invitations, place cards and menus as well as the thank-you cards can all match.

For example, there is a photo of the rings on olive wood shown on the invitations as well as on the place cards and menus, the bridal bouquet is decorated with olive branches, even the table decorations use this theme and also the snacks include olives.

Having a motto for a wedding makes the whole festival not only harmonious, but also easier to make decisions in the planning phase, since the guidelines have been laid and one knows what one would like and what not. Thus the choice of the location, the decoration and even the wedding menu can be inspired by this motto.

If you are a pilot or a stewardess, you could also do this. It is possible to use small airplanes as a decoration, to use a map with pins as a table plan and to use all of these elements in the wedding stationery.

Even colors can become the motto of a wedding, why not have a black and white theme or a peacock motto with elements in blue and green, which will definitely inspire your guests. Speaking of color! Who actually says that the wedding dress must always be white? Why not get married as shown in the Estee Lauder advertising and wear a deep pink dress?

Or do you have a very special location such as a castle or you would like to get married on the lake or in the mountains. This also creates a motto that can be incorporated into the corporate design of a wedding and gives your celebration a very personal touch.

We wish you a lot of fun planning your wedding and finding the perfect theme for the two of you to make your celebration really unique.

Olive branches and olive wood as main part of the whole wedding decoration (link to full post):

Trendy Black, White and Gold Wedding Stationery, Wedding Cake and Table Decor

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Last year in summer this idea was born as gold, black and white were (and still are) really trendy colors not just in the area of interior design, but also for weddings and events. Often times people think that you can't go with black for a wedding, but today we would like to prove that the opposite is true. Combine it with white and gold and you have a beautiful, glamorous and chic color palette for your wedding or whatever event - bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, anniversary - you would like to celebrate. Without other wonderful vendors this gorgeous shoot would not have been possible and so we would like to shout out a huge Thank You to Petra König Wohnen & Lifestyle for her decoration and tableware as well as Viola from süss und blumig for the flowers and for creating such a masterpiece of wedding cake in black, white and gold.

Petra has a one-of-a-kind interior and lifestyle store in our home town Schwaz in Tyrol and there you can find everything your heart beats for. Really extraordinary things, excellent design and warm-hearted staff. Always worth a visit, but be prepared that you will buy a bit more than you thought beforehand as you can find so many beautiful things there. Petra created such a wonderful decoration for our shoot and supported us with outstanding tableware in black and white. She was on board right away as I talked to her about our wedding stationery and inspirational shoot idea to make this gold, black and white dream come true. She even ordered golden cutlery to make the table decoration perfect. Viola is part of the süss und blumig team and they create wonderful flower anrrangements and cakes for every occasion.

As you may know Phil and I are not just wedding photographers, we also have an online printing company called and we wanted to create some glamorous card series for weddings with this color theme for quite some time and so we did. We created wedding invitations, menus, place cards, table numbers, thank you tags, wine labels, gift boxes, cake toppers and thank you cards of each design. Thanks to our laser cutting machine it's no problem to create unusual shapes and products, so we can produce and customize all our wine labels, guest gift packaging and cake toppers from acrylic glass on our own. We decided to create a black and white striped design with a golden square as well as a chevron design in gold and black which can be combined among each other. All these products - except table numbers and thank you tags - can be found in our online store: Elegant Square Series, Gold Zick Zack Series and Black Zick Zack Series. Thank you tags and table numbers are new products which will be offered soon in our shop. If you would like to shop these things before they are available online, just let us know. With our online editor you can customize our existing designs, but you can also create your own individual, personalized cards and extras for your wedding or event. But now enjoy the photos of this glamorous shoot. It was such a pleasure working with you guys and we are really looking forward to bring another great idea to life.

Easter Cards for your loved Ones

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Easter - A celebration for the entire family! Spring is coming, nature is starting to bloom and even we humans, after a long winter, are enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures. However, with the approaching spring, Easter is around the corner. Hopefully you are already prepared for this happy celebration and may you thought about once more sending Easter cards to loved ones.

Wedding Albums and Parent Books | Your first Family Heirloom

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Especially in the digital age printed memories are getting more and more important. There are so many files and photos that we store on our hard drives that we often times forget them once they are archived. Phil and I got married in 2010 and we take our wedding album from the shelf more than once a year, we flip through it and enjoy all the great moments over and over again. To be honest, it took us four - yes 4 - years to create our very own wedding album as I definitely wanted the same type of book as we create for our own clients. We are absolutely in love with the products we offer and so it was just obvious to create such a wonderful coffee-table book for our own big day as well. But as all entrepreneurs out there know, when you do it your own, it can take almost forever, because your clients always go first and so we had to wait a few years until I found the time to design our own wedding album. We don't want our clients to wait forever for their own wedding coffee-table book and so we include a custom designed album in every collection we offer. No other product can tell the story of your wedding like an album and it lives on to tell this story to your children and grandchildren. Look through your wedding album often and not just in the good times, as in every relationship there will also be bad times and this wonderful book can help to remind you of your love and that you are made for each other.

Here you can see some photos of Duygu & Bryan's beautiful wedding album in a custom designed box. This gorgeous type of wedding album is part of our Luxury Collection and you can choose between white and black animal friendly leather, silver and gold hot stamping as well as matt and glossy finish of your book pages, cover, slipcase and box. This couple also ordered parent books in smaller sizes with a black slipcase, glossy finish and silver hot stamping. These parent books are often times used as Christmas gifts, a great way to say thank you.

This gorgeous international wedding took place in Zurich, Switzerland at The Haute and if you would like to see the whole blog post, feel free to do so: International Wedding at Haute in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lea's 3rd Birthday | 1.096 Days of Adventure

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Exactly three years ago our girl Lea Lovelyn came into this world. I was working until the day of Lea's birth as I enjoyed it and felt really well. The evening before Lea's birth I was fine and so we did a little shopping tour for our business and went out for dinner. Little did I know that our girl will be born the next day. Ever since we have gone through lots of so called phases, good and bad ones, but we are proud what our sweetheart and we learned within the last three years and what she already accomplished. Today we will share some photos created within the last year and we will let you know a bit what our girl really loves and what her possible professions could be someday. Let's look back at this post in 15 years and we will see if there are any similarities.

Lea received a little camera as a gift from friends as we celebrated our office opening one and a half years ago. This camera is one of her favorite toys and often times when we take a picture, for example in front of our Christmas tree, she also runs and gets her little camera to take her own photo. After pressing the shutter she shows us the camera and slides with her finger, like we do when we take photos with our phones and show her the results.

Our girl loves puzzles, her Ukulele, her dolls and cuddly toys and she is a HUGE Playmobil fan. Craft activities are one of her favorites and she loves to support us when we intall a shelf or something similar. I'm more than proud that Lea chose the Batman gumboots on her own and that she is not addicted to the commercialized girly stuff. Role playing is one of her favorite activities and so her wodden train and her Playmobil farm are used really often. Playing outside in the garden and in the sandbox is also popular. Someday she maybe wants to become a doctor as she really likes to do medical checks and we are her favorite patients. Reading books is another great hobby and we are reading bedtime stories every day. Sometimes, when it's already late, we try to skip one spread of a book without arguing, but of course our girl knows which story comes after another and she almost always recognizes it, unless she is really tired. Other profession possibilities: architect, cook, child carer, guitar hero, photographer, artist and actor. Lots of opportunities and we are more than happy to support our little girl finding her way in this world!

At this point we would also like to thank my (Nina's) parents for being there for our little girl and for taking care of her when we are photographing weddings all over the world, without them our wedding photography business would not be possible any more. Our families live across Austria, hundreds of kilometers away. My family is the closest and in case of babysitting in the evenings or on the weekends, when we have to work, they are the only option and we do not take this for granted. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are deeply grateful for all your support!

If you would like to sneak a peek into the first months of our life as a family you can check out our first baby blog post here. We also wrote a post with the topic 500 Days of Parenthood - Looking back on our emotional Roller Coaster and you should not miss our Family Photo Shoot in Vienna. Enjoy our photo tour and have a great day - we will celebrate with lots of muffins today!

8 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips and Reasons why Wedding Dress Rehearsals are important

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One of the most exhilarating parts in a woman's life is being proposed for marriage by the person she truly loves and finally spending the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. Planning a wedding can be challenging and overwhelming sometimes and so it is really important to take some breaks here and there in the planning process. That way you can recharge your batteries and start with a clear mind and lots of new energy. Planning your big day should be fun, at least most of the time :) You should enjoy it, so you can really look forward to your wonderful wedding day. A really important stage in the planning process is shopping for the perfect wedding dress for the bride and suit for the groom. Today we would like to give you a few tips what to consider when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

Honeymoon and Cash Gift Tips and Etiquette

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When we receive an invitation for a wedding, the couple is requesting your presence. But we almost immediately begin to stress about the present we will provide. Times have changed and the social etiquette standards of gift giving are no longer spelled out for us. The leaders of the wedding industry such as ​The Knot ​offer us some insight into the current trend of gifting. Check out the details of this post to get insight into considerations and modern etiquette.

Relaunch Website Nina Hintringer Photography

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We are more than proud to announce that the relaunch of our Nina Hintringer Photography website has happened! We could not be happier as the new site represents us, our work and our style just perfectly. The screen design for this new website was finalized already last year in May but due to a busy wedding photography schedule, preparing and being a part of six bridal shows all over Austria with our wedding stationery products in Fall and Winter, finding an employee and not to forget being parents, we could not find enough time and energy - what is essential for such an important project that should totally reflect your brand. If you give your brand a new look-and-feel you should poor your entire heart into it and so it took as a bit of time but within the last weeks we totally focused on our new website and HERE IT IS!

The new website totally represents us and our personalities. It's clean, elegant, stylish, detailed but yet focused,... we are in love with the new site and I think, so it should be!

As we specialized in wedding photography as well as commercial photography the new site represents these two areas in detail and we also give a deep insight into our private life: how Phil and I met, what we love, how our several businesses developed and much more. Our educational services are also a big part on our new website and if you are interested in refining your skills, starting your own business and bringing your brand to the next level, we are more than happy to accompany you! Check out our workshops as well as the customizable 2:1 mentoring sessions to get your tailored education. Of course our blog is still a big part of the site to keep you up to date.

We tested the site a lot but if there are any hiccups, please just let us know - we are more than thankful for your support, so we can fix any hidden small errors immediately.

Enjoy the new site and let us know what you think! Have a great week,
Nina & Phil

One More International Wedding Photography Award | Wedisson

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More than proud to announce that we won another international wedding photography award, such an honor! Whoohoo - champagne please! With one of our favorite international weddings we could win the Wedisson Award. This bride is from Canada, the groom from Switzerland and they had a beautiful destination wedding at the 5 star hotel The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Switzerland. It was a gorgeous and intimate wedding as they celebrated with just 35 guests, their closest family and friends. It was such an honor to be part of this special day and we could not be happier to top this with an international award. We thank our clients for their trust and for creating unforgettable memories together, without you this would not be possible. Let's celebrate this achievement with some bubbly!

Wedding Inspirations | Quiet Highlights of a Wedding

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In this post, we would like to address the often neglected but equally important, in our opinion, parts of the wedding day - the quiet highlights of a wedding.

When does the wedding day actually start? When you look at most wedding albums, it appears that the day starts with the perfectly styled bridal couple and ends in the church. The reality is completely different and everyone who has personally experienced it would agree with us: the really exceptional moments don't happen at the time when the date is set. This is why we, as wedding photographers, accompany our couples throughout the day, because for us it starts with the first preparations - the 'Getting ready'. For the bride, this means meeting with her friends or family, the maid of honor and finally with the bridesmaids. The nervousness of the moment is shared, perhaps sip on some Champagne and then make-up and hair can begin. The men don't require as much time with styling, but the suit and all the accessories can also be included. A last game of poker as a bachelor with friends, a glass of whiskey and then it is time for the first meeting.

Seeing each other for the first time - the 'First Look' - is, in Europe in our opinion, a much too often neglected but unique moment. Take time to see each other before the wedding, have time for each other, admire each other, say 'I love you' one more time and share in the nervousness with your loved one. Before the altar, there is no time for pleasantries, no time to exchange in-depth glances and then the program quickly continues with congratulations and so on, then this moment is permanently lost.

Enjoy the couple's shooting! Take time for each other as it is the only phase in the day when you can actually dedicate yourselves to each other. After that, you will be in the spotlight and there is nothing wrong with that as it is the reason for the celebration, but a little time to enjoy being husband and wife for the first time alone, even with your photographer present, is simply wonderful.

The coverage of the events between the fixed points of the wedding day is just as important for us. The joy of the guests, the beautiful outfits, the decorations in the church, the ballroom, the laughing and crying - what would a wedding day be without these emotional moments?

So allow yourself the luxury to have a professional photographer capture these additional memories for eternity. You will see that the wedding day races by and you can't be everywhere at once. When you look at your wedding photos, you will discover lots that happened that otherwise would not have been captured.