Wedding Inspirations | What Makes a Bridal Bouquet Beautiful?

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Hello Bride-to-be and Welcome! We are wedding photographers and love to capture such wonderful moments in a couple´s life. We have already shot more than 120 weddings and today we would like to present you the 50 prettiest wedding bouquets we´ve captured. We want to give our brides some inspiration what is possible and what they should consider when it comes to their wedding bouquet. So here are our tips: Incorporate Your Wedding Theme Your bouquet can reflect your theme in many ways. For insta...

Wedding Inspirations | 6 Good Reasons for a Wedding Planner

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We all know him from TV or from Hollywood movies: The wedding planner. But what do wedding planners actually do and do we need them in real life? We talked to Dreamevents and are happy to share their thoughts today. The truth is: There is a number of reasons to engage a wedding planner for planning one of the most beautiful days in one`s life. Because one cannot really imagine the extent of wedding preparations at first. Starting with setting a realistic budget and keeping an eye on it, he also...

Wedding Inspirations | Invitations & Thank-you cards | New vintage designs

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Within the last weeks we created quite a few new vintage designs for wedding invitations and thank-you cards for our online platform Please find some examples of our new designs within this blog post. Of course additional designs as well as complete sets with wedding menus and place cards will be added soon - so stay tuned!

Wedding Inspirations | Mr. & Mrs. Spoon | Heart Decoration Ideas

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This weeks blog post is again about some wedding inspirations! In a decoration and gift shop I found these lovely Mr. & Mrs. spoons, I just had to buy them. I like the vintage touch and the handcrafted style. I also found some hearts in different styles and I thought it´s a good idea to mix up all those decoration ideas for a little shoot.

Wedding Inspirations | Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?!?

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Today we are honored to introduce Leslie Short, an experienced wedding planner based in Brooklyn, New York City. Leslie is the CEO and President of K.I.M. Media LLC. We had the chance to meet Leslie personally during our trip to the States in March (find blog post here) and chat about the wedding industry as well as the differences between weddings in America and Europe. Leslie has extraordinary attention to detail as well as creativity and today she will highlight the most important reasons why...

Wedding Inspirations | Wedding Stationery Ideas

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Today we would like to inspire you a little bit with amazing wedding stationery ideas! Do you remember Susan from Susan Brand Design. Susan is a designer based in South Africa and we created our new logo with her last year (find blog post here: Rebranding). We love her work, she does not only create great corporate identities for businesses, she also has amazing ideas for wedding stationery. On a wedding day it`s so great to see everything fits together: invitations, menu and place cards, stick...

Wedding Inspirations | Personalized Wedding Hanger for your Wedding Dress

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In international wedding magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings and online wedding blogs like you may have already seen those great custom wedding hangers personalized with the bride´s new name, initials or some special symbols. Those hangers are such a great idea and recently I decided to order such a custom wedding gown hanger with the word ´bride´ made out of wire from, United States. It was so great to work with Anna and Emilie from LilaFrances, they ...