Analog meets Digital: Photographs taken with a 100 year old vintage camera | Paxmontana, Switzerland

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I received an amazing vintage large-format camera as a present from my mother in law a few years ago. We used to place it in a nice glass case and every now and then we took it out as a prop for some photo shoots. A few weeks before christmas when we had some time off Phil decided to take the camera out to disassemble and clean all the Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and the Compur-shutter in oder to get it back to life again. We ordered some fitting rollfilms online and decided to give it a try duri...

Published on Hochzeitswahn

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This week started really great, we received an email that Maria & Toni´s wedding got published today on Hochzeitswahn! Wow, we are blown away! Hochzeitswahn is an amazing German wedding blog with great inspirations and we are really proud that our work is shown there. A great start into an eventfully week - tomorrow we are leaving for Las Vegas. We will be attending WPPI - the world´s largest Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference - but more to come soon. A big thank you to Patricia, we ar...

Our Carbon Christmas Tree

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Inspired by Pinterest we decided to have an extraordinary Christmas tree this year: a Carbon Tripod Christmas Tree with a timeless Black & White theme! We totally love it and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time off with your families and friends to the full!

Rebranding | Nina Hintringer Photography

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At the end of our last season we thought that our business has developed really well within the last view years and at this point we already knew that we will move our office to a new location in April 2012. So this was absolutely the right time to bring our business and our brand to the next level!

Again featured online - Photo of the Day -

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We are blown away! Easter Sunday another one of our wedding images was featured online on as ´Photo of the Day`! We are really proud to see one of Caro and Stefan´s wedding images there!

Summer here we come | Florida impressions

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Last year in November we enjoyed our summer holiday in Florida to the full and because now it´s getting warmer outside - even in Austria - we want to renew this summer feeling with some iPhone-pics from our Florida trip! Enjoy the sun even when it´s raining outside today...

Bridal Show 2012 | Innsbruck

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An incredible bridal show weekend is over! We were part of the Hochzeiten & Feste in Innsbruck and had the honor to talk to loads of couples saying I Do within the next year! Even this year we tried to add something new and to give our booth a special touch so we planned and built awesome walls with big backlit images! We are really proud of the result and want to say Thank-You for all the awesome feedback!

Featured online - Photo of the Day -

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Today one of our wedding photographs got featured on! You can find a lot of great international wedding photographers on this site and so we are even more proud and happy! Take a look!

Exhibitor at Hochzeiten & Feste - win your free ticket!

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Once again we are exhibitor at the Hochzeiten & Feste in Innsbruck this year: February 18th and 19th! Win your free ticket - we raffle off 20 tickets - join in!

2011 was AMAZING - 2012 will be BREATHTAKING!

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A few days ago we sent out our newsletter with a review of our amazing year 2011 and a preview how breathtaking 2012 will be for us! At the request of some who missed it we thought it is a good idea to blog it - have fun reading and being thrilled!