2010 was GREAT!

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2010 was a really eventful year for us and our business and we want to share the highlights of 2010 with you once more.

Angy & Hannes | NHP SlideShow DVD

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Some days ago we presented a small preview of our new NHP SlideShow DVD with Doreen & Günter in our blog. Finally the first complete NHP SlideShow DVD with Angy & Hannes is online!

Slideshow DVD - Preview - Doreen & Günter

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As already mentioned in our Photokina-posting there are going to be some innovations out soon. Today we are proud to present a tiny preview of what is about to come - the NHP Slideshow DVD. The DVD can be viewed on any DVD-player as well as PCs and MACs. It is split into chapters for e.g. getting-ready, the civil ceremony, the church ceremony, the bridal shooting and dinner/reception. Each chapter is designed in its own style and rhythm with different music to represent the emotions and atmosph...

Our Photokina-Trip | Cologne

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We are back from our Photokina - Cologne trip and we have a lot of new ideas in our luggage! We had a lot of fun, interesting talks and we met a lot of nice people. In this post we show you some images from us at the Photokina as well as a cool 360 degrees image from our cool move at the ADF Matrixring, captured with 18 cameras.